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Fume Exhaust System

Fume Exhaust System

Welding Fume Extractor

We offer’s Welding Fume Extractor designed specifically for the collection of welding fume, these are portable welding fume extractor is ideal for companies that require welding fume extraction.These innovative portable fume extractors, also referred to as welding fume collectors remove harmful contaminants at the source before they can enter a welder’s breathing zone and cause serious health concerns and illnesses. Routine maintenance, filter changes and collection tray disposal can all be done easily without the use of any tools.

Soldering Fume Extractor

We offers Soldering Fume Extractor for several different styles of source-capture fume extractors for solder fume control, solder pot and wave soldering fumes. Configurations include bench top, wall-mounted, portable, and floor models. These compact and energy-efficient systems feature quiet operation, convenient mobility, and high efficiency filtration media including HEPA and/or Activated Carbon.ESD safe units are available for those concerned with electrostatic discharge while working with sensitive electronic equipment.

Laboratory Fume Extraction Ventilation System

To meet diversified needs of our esteemed clients, we are offering a vast range of Laboratory Fume Extraction ventilation System. The offered products are widely praised for its durability and premium quality all over the Clients. These systems are strictly examined by our quality controllers on well defined parameters ensuring optimum quality and perfect finish. In addition to this, these products are available in flexible customized options to our customers at industry leading rates.

Dust Collection System

We offer high performing Dust Collection System that entails dry collection with wet venting by Dust Collector. The Dust Collection System ensures neat and clean dust free environment. The Dust Collection System controls and eliminates the dust particles. The Dust Collection System also arrests to a great extent, the dust that forms a very fine layer around the Work Place in an Industries.

Chemicals And Solvent Fume Extractor

We Offers Chemicals And Solvent Fume Extractor for chemical fume extractor that implements a highly concentrated, advanced chemical absorption media. Chemical Extractor removes most of hazardous fumes and organic hydrocarbons from solvents, chlorine and chemicals commonly found in industries and laboratories. With a multilayer micro-filter assembly, and a low noise, high-efficient powerful Blower, were quickly catches the chemical fumes and other air impurities at their origin.

Pharmaceutical Fume Extractor

We Offers Pharmaceutical Fume Extraction Equipments which can be applied to a number of related Fume Extract applications including: Powder Weighing and Handling, Chemical Control, Tablet Pressing and Coating, Fluid Bed Drying, Spray Drying, Blending and Granulation and General room ventilation associated with R&D Laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Grinding Fume Extractor

We Offer’s Grinding Fume Extractor which uses to collect fume during polishing the surfaces of materials such as metals and plastics can produce fine dust emissions. Their hazardous and often fatal effects make working with these materials more difficult for industry. Capturing and filtering these dusts using an extraction system protects workers’ health and keeps production areas and machines clean

Spray Paint Fume Extractor

We Offers Wide range of Spray Paint Fume Extraction systems including the mobile spray booth which sits at the top of our range. The combination of fully carbon filtered recirculation filtration, The flexibility of being fully mobile around the workshop means the Systems mobile spray booth is a must for body shops wishing to carry out larger smart repairs without tying up expensive conventional spray Paint Fume Exhaust.

Welding and Grinding Fume Extractor

The Welding and Grinding Fume Extractor is available in three dimensions and designed for extraction of dust and fumes during most welding and grinding operations. It can also be used in explosive environments, if grounded accordingly. The table is not suitable for cutting.

Kitchen Exhaust System

We are involved in offering a comprehensive range of Kitchen Exhaust System to our valued customers. The product range of these systems includes Fume Exhaust System, Roof Exhaust System and many more. These systems have been known for the rugged as well as robust design. We are bringing forth a comprehensive range of Kitchen Ventilator in the industry. The offered ventilator are especially engineered and designed by our team of extremely qualified professionals. These ventilators are mad from break resistant material. Our ventilator is acknowledged for their simple installing. This ventilator is highly resistant scratch. Moreover, this Kitchen Ventilator can be custom made as per the need of the valued customers.

Features :

  • Easy installation
  • Perfect design
  • Easy to clean

Types of Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  • Kitchen Exhaust Hood
  • Kitchen Fume Exhaust System
  • Kitchen Equipments
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fans
  • Kitchen Chimney
  • Hotel Smoke Exhaust System
  • Kitchen Fume Exhaust Equipment

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