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Industrial Scrubber

Industrial Scrubber

Wet Scrubber

As a trust worthy organization of this domain, we are committed to offer our clients a superior quality assortment of Wet Scrubber. The offered scrubber finds wide application use in hydrochloric acid air scrubbing, sulfuric acid air scrubbing, and acid air scrubbing. It is an air pollution control systems designed to clean industrial exhaust streams of solid, liquid and gas particles before they are released into the atmosphere air. A fan draws or pushes a polluted exhaust stream through ductwork and into the wet scrubber system, where the exhaust stream encounters a water spray designed to trap larger pollutants and saturate the air current.

Features :

  • Used in carious scrubber operations
  • Corrosion resistance construction
  • Optimum performance

Applications :

  • Hydrochloric Acid Air Scrubbing
  • Sulfuric Acid Air Scrubbing
  • Acid Air Scrubbing

Dry Scrubber

As an affluent name of this domain, we hold expertise in presenting high quality Dry Scrubber. It removes harmful materials from industrial exhaust gases before they are released into the environment. The offered scrubber is commonly used in plants and utilize in a collection of dry substances to remove acidic gases that contribute to acid rain. This scrubber works similar to other scrubbers. The system sprays a collection of dry reagents into an exhaust stream. These chemicals can react differently depending on which material they are specifically targeting for removal.

Features :

  • Operator friendly control
  • Low maintenance
  • Better performance

Other Details :

  • Odour Control Scrubber
  • VOC Scrubber
  • Paint Booth Scrubber
  • H2s Scrubber
  • Absorbtion Scrubber

Odour Control Scrubber

We are the prominent organization of this domain engaged in offering a wide spectrum of Odour Control Scrubber. It is designed to scrub malodorous gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans, and methylamine from airstreams emitted by liquid material. At our manufacturing unit, our engineers have designed the scrubber adhering to international industry standards and using heavy cast material. Besides, clients can get the scrubber from us at industry leading prices.

Features :

  • Reliable and optimum performance
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Low maintenance

H2S Scrubber

Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System is a H2S scrubber . It has an indigenous based on gas cleaning/ H2S Scrubber technology offered for pre-cleaning of varied gas streams , sour natural gas, and landfill gas unconventional gas streams such as Coal Bed Methane (CBM), shale gas as well as vent gas/tail gas and acid gas streams. Such provides this economically attractive H2S removal System. Various industries which have anaerobic digesters are currently used to supplementary fuel in their boilers. Now Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System, there is an option of producing clean gas to generate their captive power. This Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubber is an economically attractive technology to remove H2S by Scrubbing methods.

Paint Booth Scrubber

We Offer Spray Paint Booth Scrubber as dry adsorption Scrubber also called as dry scrubber uses Adsorption principle to trap pollutant molecules within its pores. dry Adsorption scrubber uses various chemically treated adsorption medias for effective capturing of VOCs, and other odor’s gas. That uses Regenerative type dry adsorption scrubber for paint booth exhausts having high moisture content. And it uses innovative cartridge module like design approach that effectively captures VOCs in paint booth exhausts as well as keeps the overall cost of the system low.

Application :

  • Dry Paint Booth
  • Wet Paint Booth
  • Liquid Paint Booth
  • Paint Mixing Room
  • Truck Spray Booth
  • Spray Booth Filter
  • Painting Plant
  • Primer Booth
  • Paint shop Plant
  • Spray Painting Booth
  • Downdraft Paint booth
  • Side Draft Paint booth
  • Semi draft paint booth
  • Industrial Paint Booth
  • Water Curtain Paint booth
  • Combination Paint Booth
  • liquid Paint coating Booth
  • Paint strippers Booth
  • Primary Paint Booth
  • Primary Coating Booth
  • Secondary Paint Booth
  • Secondary Coating Booth
  • Batch Painting Booth
  • Large Vehicle Finishing Booth

Absorption Scrubber

With the comprehensive industry knowledge of allied domain, we are engaged in presenting a superior quality range of Absorption Scrubber. The principle of the absorption lies in the solubility of the contaminated gases in scrubbing liquids. If the contaminated gases are separated out exclusively due to their solubility in the scrubbing liquid, it is a physical absorption. The degree of separation is largely determined by the solubility equilibrium of the contaminated gas. If this equilibrium is reached, the physical absorption stops. The chemical absorption is not limited by the solubility, since in this case, the gas dissolved in the scrubbing liquid is chemically converted.

Features :

  • Robust design
  • Proper ventilation system
  • Precision design

Other Details :

  • Absorption Scrubbing
  • The absorption scrubbers are used to reduce gaseous contaminants
  • Absorbable contaminants are usually inorganic compounds
  • Such as: Ammoniac NH3
  • Hydrogen Sulphide H2S
  • Hydrogen Chloride HCl
  • Sulphur dioxide SO2 etc
  • Amines

VOC Scrubber

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the leading organization in this domain, engaged in presenting an excellent grade of VOC Scrubber. It is utilized by activating carbon and other adsorption media to provide high VOC removal efficiencies – up to and in excess of 95%. The offered scrubber requires lower capital cost, lower maintenance, and particularly well-suited for air streams with lower concentrations of VOCs or lower volumetric gas flow rates. Further, carbon pure adsorption systems come in both once-through and regenerative types.

Features :

  • Quick recovery of freshness
  • Better designed to meet industrial needs
  • Can be customized as per demand

Packed Bed Scrubber

We offers Packed Bed Scrubber, or Packed Tower, is designed to remove gaseous or vaporous pollutants from an air stream. The process is accomplished by contacting the contaminated air stream with scrubbing liquor that absorbs or chemically reacts with the pollutants. Some vapors can be simply removed by condensation through the cooling effect of the circulating liquid. The cleaned air is then discharged to the atmosphere and the contaminated scrubbing liquor is either disposed of in an approved manner or chemically treated and recycled. In some cases, the collected contaminants can be recovered and reused in the original or other processes.

Typical Applications

  • Chemical production
  • Fertilizer production and processing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Electronics (chip manufacturing)
  • Odor control
  • Incinerator systems
  • Steel making
  • Acid gas removal (HCl, H2S, HF and many others)
  • VOC abatement
  • NOx removal

Plate Column Scrubber

Plate Column Scrubber are counter-flow devices in which liquid moves downward and gas moves upward. Liquid-gas contact is obtained in a mixing zone consisting of a plate with some type of openings on it. Openings can be perforations, valves, or slots. Often multiple plates are used. Liquid flows downward from plate to plate. The simplest plate is the perforated plate or slotted plate. Liquid flows over the perforations. The velocity of the air stream is sufficient to prevent weeping (liquid flow) through the openings. The action creates a frothing column above the plate. Liquid flows across the plate to a down comer and then downward to the next plate.

Chlorine Scrubber

Chlorine Scrubber is a frequent byproduct in many chemical reactions. However, manufacturers are required by law to reduce or eliminate emissions of this poisonous gas. Turn to Pollution Systems for a high-quality chlorine scrubber built to fit your requirements. Wet scrubbers remove pollutants by injecting liquid into the gas stream. For particulate systems such as dust scrubbers, the particulates are caught by water droplets as it enters the waste stream. In the case of chemical scrubbers, the liquid injected reacts chemically with the gas pollutant to strip it out of the waste stream. Efficiency is critical for chlorine scrubbers. Chlorine gas is both highly toxic. Wet chlorine scrubbers may utilize a multi-stage removal approach depending on the initial pollutant loading. Some form of alkaline liquid solution, such as soda ash or caustic, is generally used as a neutralizing agent. Removal efficiencies of the chlorine pollutant is controlled by a number of variables, including the design of the scrubber system, the concentration and amount of liquid recirculated and the process conditions such as temperature and flow rate. For chlorine scrubbers to work best, they must fit the application at hand. A manufacturing process that gives off chlorine gas may have other variables at play, including temperature, chlorine concentration and the presence of other particulates or other chemical constituents.

Gas Scrubber

We offers Gas Scrubber for Chemical industries which may contain substances considered harmful to the environment and the scrubber may remove or neutralize those substances. A wet scrubber is used to clean air, flue gas or other gases of various pollutants and dust particles. Wet scrubbing works via the contact of target compounds or particulate matter with the scrubbing solution. Solutions may simply be water (for dust) or solutions of reagents that specifically target certain compounds.

Venturi Scrubber

We Design and Manufacture High-Velocity Spray Venturi Scrubber. Which are traditional and Well-Known Method for Removing Find Dust Particles from Industrial air Streams. And Venturi scrubber are Often installed to remove fine particles from volatile, hazardous or corrosive gas streams or gas streams containing solid material that are difficult to handle. They have been widely used throughout the chemical industry for decades.

Features and Benefits :

  • Venturi scrubbers collect coarse or fine particulate,
    including particulate less than 1 micron and particulate that is
    sticky or high in moisture.
  • When there is a high percentage of fine particulate less than 1 micron,
    the pressure drop and energy requirements becomes very large for
    efficient collection using a venturi. In practical terms, a venturi cannot
    collect particles smaller than 0.5 micron.
  • Venturi scrubbers with a quench section (evaporative cooler)
    accommodate high temperature gas streams, including those
    from casting, sintering, glass manufacturing, incineration
    and pyrolysis.
  • Venturi systems can be used for applications with high dust loadings.
  • Venturi scrubbers are suitable for variable gas flows.
  • Venturi systems are continuously wetted, and are therefore not
    vulnerable to clogging, plugging, scaling, or wet/dry line build-up.

Sulfuric Acid Scrubber

Backed by our years of industry experience, we are betrothed in presenting an excellent quality of Sulfuric Acid Scrubber. Our professionals bring forth an excellent range of scrubber that is manufactured using premium quality material and latest techniques at our production unit. In addition, this scrubber is built and developed adhering to industry standards. Furthermore, our professionals opt for strict quality inspection made on the scrubber to ensure flawless performance.

Features :

  • High capacity, volume
  • Easy curing
  • Better performance

Spray Tower Scrubber

We have gathered a huge customer base in this domain by presenting a comprehensive range of Spray Tower Scrubber. This scrubber is specially designed to treat acid gas emissions from particulate laden combustion flue gas. Also, the offered scrubber has an extremely simple acid gas device capable of over 98% control efficiency. The scrubber consists of a fully open vertical vessel fitted with banks of hydraulic atomized spray nozzles. Besides, clients get the scrubber installed by us at industry leading prices.

Features :

  • Easy operation
  • Better design
  • Optimum performance

Applications :

  • Removal of sulfur dioxide
  • Hydrochloric acid and carbon dioxide gases from combustion sources
  • Acid Scrubbing
  • Fume Scrubbing
  • Gas Scrubbing

Ammonia Scrubber

With phenomenal market understanding, we are able to introduce an extensive range of Ammonia Scrubber. The offered scrubber is built to remove particulates – such as dust scrubbers – the particulate is captured by the water droplets before it is discharged through the exhaust stack. This scrubber is different: the liquid in question causes a chemical reaction that strips the chemical pollutant out of the waste stream. In the case of ammonia scrubbers, dilute sulfuric acid is typically used to neutralize the ammonia.

Features :

  • Available in different variables
  • Controls pollution effectively inside plant
  • Best suited for chemical processing firms

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