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Large Painting Booth

Large painting booth

SMD – Paint booths are controlled environments for paint application, designed to contain hazardous vapors and provide a safer, healthier environment for painters. Understanding the components of paint booth design and what purpose they serve is key to maximizing your spray booth’s performance.

SMD -Different type of paint booth These configurations include crossflow, semi-downdraft, side-downdraft, and downdraft. A crossflow booth is one that is typically designed such that the air moving through the booth travels across the area from one end (or side) of the booth to the other.
Large Paint Booths are recommended for painting of heavy parts and large components, like wagons, chassis of vehicles, trailers, etc. In a LARGE PAINTING BOOTH In which Air flows from top to bottom or in a Cross Flow Paint Booth Air Draft is from one top corner to other end of the Paint Booth.

Large type paint booth used in auto mobile sector, aerospace, industrial sector like railway coach, bus body, ashoke leyland, tipper body, heavy structurak colum, wind mill etc..

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