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Pre Treatment Plant

Pre Treatment Plant

Dip Pretreatment Plant

We Offers Dip Pretreatment Plant are a conventional pretreatment plant wherein the chemicals are stored in the steel (MS/SS/FRP) fabricated tanks. The components are placed in the baskets or cages and they are dipped in each process tank for prefixed period of time. Dip type pretreatment plants with hoist are for manual handling. In conveyorised dip pretreatment plants, articles/components are hanged on a conveyor and are dipped into the tanks. In this operation, the articles / components travel through a sorter of tanks, thanks to the programmable conveyor line. Dip Pretreatment Plants are commonly used for long & heavy components to clean & conversion coatings of metals prior to powder / paint application. We offer material handling systems either twin hoist or PLC operated transporter depending upon the individual clients requirements

Spray Pretreatment Plant

We offer Spray Pretreatment Plant is online cleaning process which consists of a tunnel mounted on tanks, components piping pump and nozzles etc. The design is based on conveyor speed, article profile & pretreatment timing. The spray tunnel is designed on a completely weld less system. The Spray Pretreatment plants made of complete Stainless steel or MS or combination of SS & MS spray tunnels along with direct or indirect heating system, vertical pump for high transfer efficiency, and Easy clip on nozzles with PP revolving tip to adjust Nozzle spray, FRP catwalk with door for easy maintenance. The tank design is eliminates leakage and all sprayed chemicals fall back into the tanks. The heating system is designed as best heat transfer and consume minimum of the tank volume. The oil skimmer is incorporated as every system to keep the cost of refilling low by getting the most out of the chemicals.

Conveyorised Pretreatment Plant

We Offers Conveyorised Pretreatment Plant. Which as Overhead Conveyor which takes vertical up & down bends inside the pretreatment tanks. The tanks are made sloping at entry and exit. Generally the conveyor speed is fixed and tank lengths vary according the chemical specifications (Dipping type). This system is suitable for small and medium articles having low weights, few chemical requirements.

Heat Tanking Systems

We Offers Heat Tanking Systems. Tanks are usually fabricated Mild Steel and Stainless Steel sheets.with Heating Media as Electrical Heater,LPG Burners,Stream Heater..Etc. The S.S tank is needed for possessing phosphate alternative, the alternative is warmed to seventy degree Chemical using oil-fired home heating or electric heaters together with automatic heat range control. The tank is insulated by all attributes & bottom part using vermiculite/ceramic fibre insulation.
We are the manufacturer of Phosphate Tank used as :

  • Pretreatment metals like Mild Steel,
  • Aluminum,
  • Al Casting Material,
  • Galvanized Sheets
  • prior to Painting / powder coating.

Air Agitation System

We Offer’s Air Agitation Systems is complete line of industrial tank mixing equipment for mixing and blending. Large bubble, compressed air mixing solutions are available in a wide range of models and styles to suit your tank mixing applications. It is the versatility, durability and dependability of liquid mixing systems that so many companies worldwide have come to rely on for their mixing and blending solutions.

Surface Treatment Plant

We Offer’s of Surface Treatment Plant shops guarantees high quality, reliable and flexible surface treatment operation close to our customers. We provide services we take full responsibility on the process, and our services are always based on the turnkey principle. In addition to the surface treatment and corrosion protection services, we provide sub assembly, accessory equipment, and packaging and product delivery services.

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